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Signed by the artist and numbered, and Signatures of :
Sgt Joseph F. REX - Radio Operator
Sgt. Thomas R. SOWELL - Left Waist Gunner
Sgt. Russell R. ROBINSON - Right Waist Gunner
Maj. Elzia LEDOUX - Tower Officer of Day, Polebrook Airfield

Overall size: 32" x 23 1/2" Image size: 27 1/2" x 18 3/4"

Dedicated to the valiant men who flew on the epic last flight of "Ten Horsepower," a B-17 of the 351st Bomb Group, which tragically crashed just short of her home base at Polebrook, England. The aircraft was returning from a harrowing mission to Leipzig, Germany, on the 20th of February 1944, the opening day of the Eighth Air Force's historic "Big Week" bombing campaign. "Ten Horsepower" is shown in the company of a second B-17, piloted by Major Elzia Ledoux, who took to the air in a desperate effort to assist the crippled aircraft during her final moments.