“WASP Special Delivery” by Gil Cohen

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Gil is a master of painting the human form and of “narrative” painting. The original of this vivid painting hangs in a personal collection in Texas.

This wonderful print by Gil is available as an:
Artist Signed Open Edition Print: $125  Image Size 16-1/2" x 25"Overall Print Size 22" x 29"
50 Edition Canvas Giclee Edition: $1,200 unframed.  Size 44"w x 30"h
Stretched and Framed: $1,795: Each canvas personally hand enhanced by the Artist:

Place: The tarmac of the Lockheed Vega Aircraft Plant in Burbank, California

A group of four women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) are gathered around their flight leader. She is kneeling and pointing a significant rendezvous point on an aerial map, reinforcing the path of the WASP flight plan. Their mission is to ferry five P-38 Lightning fighters to a port of embarkation where the planes will be shipped to bases overseas.

During World War II the WASP organization was largely made up of the Women Flying Training Detachment (WFTD) and the Women Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAF). It was formed to free male pilots for combat duty overseas.

Of the 25,000 women who applied - fewer than 1,900 were accepted. In addition to ferrying aircraft from factories, their duties included towing targets for anti aircraft practice, simulated strafing and transporting cargo. During this time they flew nearly every type of military aircraft. In the course of performing their duties 38 women lost their lives.

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor - several defence plants on the U.S. West Coast, including Lockheed, were heavily camouflaged with netting and artificial foliage to resemble bucolic farmland as seen from the air.