“When Prayers are Answered” by William S. Phillips

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Artist Proof Edition: $445 - Low inventory   Size 30"w x 20"h - 
Anniversary Giclee Canvas Edition: $595  Size: 33" w x 22" h  Edition size: 55

The scene depicts a B-17F of the 390th Bomb Group, 570th Bomb Squadron, approaching the cliffs of Dover, having successfully completed yet another grueling mission to Germany's industrial heartland. As nventorythey near the coast and the danger of enemy aircraft diminishes, an escort of P-47s breaks away to recover at their base. The clouds part and rays of sunlight and hope stream down on "Betty Boop, The Pistol Packing Mama" and her crew, as their prayers are answered again.


Colonel James R. Geary, Jr.
Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel 

Technical Sergeant Shirl Hoffman
Master Sergeant Clifford Puckett.