“Wild Children” by Heinz Krebs

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Limited Edition of 1,250 $185
With 12 B-17 Pilot and crew signatures

Artist Proof Edition $275
With 12 B-17 Pilot and Crew signatures

Size 22" x 29-1/2"

B-17-F Wild Children returns to Framlingham following another dangerous mission deep into the heart of Germany. Having survived this trip in one piece and with no casualties, her crew is looking forward to one last landing before being shipped back to the United States.

The signatures

Maj. Gen. John S. Warner (pilot)
Col. Roger Sterr (co-pilot)
Capt. Jim Keelan (navigator)
Lt. Col. Orrie Thompson (bombardier)
T/Sgt. Andrew Anzanos (engineer/top gunner)
T/Sgt. Dick Sawyer (LT waist gunner)
T/Sgt. Jim Lightfoot (tail gunner)
T/Sgt. Bill Frostick (engineer /waist gunner)
M/Sgt. Wilbur Hill (flight chief)
S/Sgt. Otto Vent (radio operator)
Lt. Col. Paul Kovitz (sqdn engineering officer)
S/Sgt. Walter Byrne (ball turret gunner).