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Giclee on Paper: $125
Giclee on paper with remarque - $150
Giclee on paper with double remarque - $175
Giclee on canvas - $250

Limited edition giclee on paper - 24.5" x 17.75" (image area 20.5” x 13.25
- Limited edition giclee on canvas - 25" x 16"
- Blue Max edition giclee on canvas - 44" x 28.5"

Wolff's Requiem is a depiction of the final flight of Leutnant Kurt Wolff. Wolff, a member of the famed Jasta 11 and close friend of Manfred von Richthofen, met his death while flying Fokker F.1 102/17 on September 15, 1917. While on patrol that afternoon, Wolff, along with fellow Jasta 11 member Ltn Carl von Schoenebeck, attacked a flight of Sopwith Camels of No. 10 Squadron RNAS. The fight was brief but intense, and the odds quickly turned against the two german pilots. As Wolff singled out a Camel to attack, he was suddenly hit from behind by Flt Lt. Norman MacGregor. MacGregor fired a brief burst, and then immediately had to zoom to avoid colliding with the triplane. MacGregor’s report reads as follows:

“I got into a good position very close on one triplane - within 25 yards - and fired a good burst. I saw my tracers entering his machine. I next saw him going down in a vertical dive, apparently out of control.”

Wolff's Requiem is available in 3 editions:

- Giclee prints on paper: Printed on acid free rag paper, The prints measure 24.5" x 17.75". The edition consists of 250 prints, each of which is signed and numbered by Russell Smith. - Gilcee prints on canvas: Prints on canvas measure 25" x 16". The canvas edition consists of only 20 prints, each of which is signed and numbered on the back.