“Wounded Aboard” by Gil Cohen

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Limited Edition: $135
Signed by highly decorated 100th Bomb Group Pilot Jim Seamans
Unframed Canvas Giclee: $1,200 Comes Rolled
Framed Canvas Giclee: $1,795
Stretched and framed with a beautiful Italian Moulding. Wounded Aboard canvas giclee by Gil Cohen. 50"×33" overall.

We are at an Eighth Air Force base somewhere in England, it is late Autumn 1944. After a dreary day of rain, the clouds break and the atmosphere is suddenly bathed in sunlight. In the foreground mechanics are performing maintenance work on the B-17, Kayo Katy II , when in the distance, the sound can be heard of a multitude of Wasp Cyclone engines. The mechanics momentarily cease their tasks and look up. Overhead, Fortresses are returning home from a brutal mission, bombing industrial targets in Nazi Germany. The immediate thoughts of the ground crew are: ‘How many of our guys made it back?’ They start counting planes. ‘There’s a Pathfinder ship – she’s in trouble and dropping flares – wounded aboard!’ A similar scenario is played out on so many air bases in England during the four long years of war.

This stunning print is signed and numbered by the artist, and countersigned by: Capt. James E. Seamans, a pilot with the 100th BG, Eighth Air Force who, with his crew, completed thirty missions over Germany. His awards are: Distinguished Flying Cross with 5 Clusters, Air Medal with 5 Clusters, ETO Ribbon with 5 Battle Stars