“Wounds of War” by Jim Laurier

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Size inches : sheet 18 x 24; image 20.7 X 12
Canvas Giclee Edition 50: $485
Image size inches 16 x 28

A loose formation of Marines Corsairs is headed home to their island airbase after a fighter sweep in Japanese held territory. Greatly outnumbered by Japanese fighters, the Marines bested the enemy in a short and furious dogfight, losing two Corsairs and pilots in the melee. The Corsair closest in the image has incurred some damage, but it's robust construction will ensure that its pilot will make it back. On the flight home, radios are silent and the drone of their engines is the pilots sole companion as each reflects on the events of the mission. An occasional glance at the rest of the formation is a painful reminder that two of the original eight Corsairs are missing - two friends they will never see again.