“Yellow Lure” by Sam Lyons

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Limited Edition of 500 - Signed & Numbered by The Artist:
Size 16" x 24"


There’s a lot to lure you into Sam’s first painting of a Cub on floats. The outstanding Piper Cub grabs your attention, along with a few fishermen (Sam is among them). You’ll smile at the Bait Shop and Sushi Bar sign, and the Lyons’ sweet kitty, Beau, up in the tree. If you want to make “Yellow Lure” even more special, get Sam to do a remarque on the big sign. He can change “Steve’s” to your name, your business name or just about anything else. You have to call (863-644-5010) to request the remarque and the charge is $75, but it makes for a fantastic present for yourself or your favorite pilot. The 16” x 24” prints are available in a Limited Edition size of 500 Signed and Numbered, 50 Artist Proofs, and 100 Prints on Canvas

Buy this print - and Sam can changed the Building Sign for you to personalize your purchase: